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  • John Hendry

    John Hendry

    Eisenhower baby. Play-by-play sportscaster. School bus driver. Amateur photographer. Semi-retired computer programmer. Ham radio operator.

  • Supriya Jain

    Supriya Jain

    I think, learn, experience and share. Snippets Of Joy. A Happy Space To Read Something New. My Personal Blog : www.thecheerfulpoet.com

  • Matthew B. Johnson

    Matthew B. Johnson

    I’m a Sacramento-based writer, English professor, track coach, C-5 incomplete quadriplegic, diehard 49ers fan, comic book geek, and lover of all things coffee.

  • Calum James

    Calum James

    Humor Writer or Deep Life Lesson Writer. Nothing in between. No compromise. But also, willing to compromise for the right price. unorthodoxcareerview@gmail.com

  • Eric Garner Johnson

    Eric Garner Johnson

    Born in Florida, juvenile correctional officer, author of Longshot: A Life Less Ordinary, generally a nice but contrary guy. interested in everything!

  • Doug Timberlake

    Doug Timberlake

    A certified executive coach, writer and media professional with over 10 years of experience coaching and working with global firms. www.lifelaunchme.com/doug

  • Anne Bonfert

    Anne Bonfert

    I am a traveler. Photographer. Writer. Teacher. Skydiving instructor. Adventure enthusiast. Nature lover. And fell in love with the African continent.

  • Annelise Lords

    Annelise Lords

    A writer of Fiction and Uplifting Quotes &Antidotes. Get your upliftment, inspiration, and smiles here! thisisanneliselords@mediumauthor.com

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