The answer is possibly yes, but we don’t understand how.

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When I was working as a primary care physician, I was called to visit an elderly man at his son’s home. The man had been discharged from the hospice and the family had rallied around to rapidly convert a downstairs room into a comfortable bedroom for their father. …

That is, if you are an older woman

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Statistically, if you are a woman, you will end your life living alone. I don’t have to find you actual facts and figures to prove this, because it is common knowledge that women tend to live longer than men. …

9 Ways to Feed Your Creative Spark

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When you were little, you had a creative spark deep inside you. If you were lucky, your parents and teachers knew how to nourish it and make it grow. …

Storm visits Dumfries in Scotland

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On 16th October, the giant puppet, Storm, visited Dumfries. Made by Vision Mechanics, a company that stages community events with an emphasis on cross-arts collaboration.

‘Theatre of Spaces and Places’.

Storm stood ten meters high and signified a mythical goddess of the sea. Her hair made from seaweed, her body…

How I defused a charged situation by simply saying ‘Good morning’

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When I was a medical student, I was quite intimidated by a lot of the situations I found myself in. I was particularly alarmed by obstetrics. I worried constantly that something would go wrong during a birth.

One early morning, I was called to the theatre to assist at an…

A review of the documentary offering an on-line tour

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Today I went to the cinema and viewed the documentary of the new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum which was about Lewis Carroll’s and his famous books, Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass.

As I live far distant now from this museum, visiting the exhibition…

Dog duties

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Every day the dog needs a walk. That is a statement of fact which is undeniable. Sadly, the dog cannot be trusted to walk herself so that leaves me or my husband to accompany her. …

Or was it the best thing that ever happened to you?

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You probably know what I am talking about. There you were at college getting a good degree and planning to get a really good job in finance or in another similar well paid sector. …

Looking back, I can see that now

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When I was young and foolish, I was besotted with a man. He worked at the same place I did, but we seldom crossed paths during the working day. There was something about him that fascinated me. Was it his Northern Irish accent? …

Gardening has become a challenge

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Today was a bright, almost sunny day. The crucial factor was that there was no rain. Perfect for some gardening I thought.

My plan this autumn is to reduce the size of most of the shrubs and tidy up all the flower beds. The grass needs a final cut but…

Carol Price

I used to be something else, but now I can hold my head up and say I am a writer. Retired doctor. Passionate about empowering people. Editor of Illumination

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