That is, if you are an older woman

Statistically, if you are a woman, you will end your life living alone. I don’t have to find you actual facts and figures to prove this, because it is common knowledge that women tend to live longer than men. There are exceptions of course, and good luck to those men who manage to beat nature’s algorithm.

As a woman, don’t you think you should make some preparations for those last years?

1. First of all, you need to stop relying on the man to do stuff, because when he isn’t there any longer, those tasks won’t get done. Start finding…

9 Ways to Feed Your Creative Spark

When you were little, you had a creative spark deep inside you. If you were lucky, your parents and teachers knew how to nourish it and make it grow. Even if that little flame was neglected, don’t worry, it is still there, waiting to be fed and to burst through into your consciousness.

Do you remember the nursery rhymes about Old Mother Hubbard? There was nothing in her cupboard and so her poor dog went without supper. Don’t let your creative spark feel the pangs of hunger! Let’s start filling that cupboard.

Here is a list of ways to stack…

An awkward moment

I had recently had a baby and getting out once a week to a local community choir was like a breath of fresh air. My husband stayed at home and managed the baby comforting tasks and diaper changes, and I got to meet real people and sing for a couple of hours.

Once a year, the choir arranged to have a fancy dinner, which was combined with the annual general meeting and was an opportunity for the elected officials to give some rather boring speeches. But aside from that, good food in an elegant hotel made up for having to…

A compilation of recent stories

Wherever we come from, whatever life has dealt to us, we all have experienced love in its many forms. Such a powerful feeling has energized our lives when we needed it most and taught us so much about ourselves.

It doesn’t really matter if you don’t speak each other’s language. Love will find a way. I am sure you can think of at least one couple who come from different backgrounds and speak different languages but have made a success of their relationship.

Yewande Adeleke explains how to understand your partner’s love language and improve your communication.

In the quest…

Every one of us is unique

What is the definition of normal?

Merriam-Webster defines it as ‘conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern : characterized by that which is considered usual, typical, or routine

If we consider this in the context of a normal person, they would completely lack the ability to be interesting, they would be un-noticeable, a shadow passing by. Is that what we are trying to achieve by accepting the concept of normality?

I understand industry and marketing find it easier to target their consumers by categorizing them into groups, which may or may not be defined as the ‘norm’. Healthcare is…

An editorial review of recent posts from the community of Illumination writers

I think we can all agree that there is a degree of complacency amongst us now about this virus. The news channels continue to spout out daily figures, but they fail to alarm us as they used to do. There is plenty of good news too about the uptake of the vaccine. The bottom line is we have tired of all the constant hype. Some are rebelling against ongoing constrictions, while others are resigned to a different sort of life.

It is important that we regain our perspective. The virus hasn’t gone away and we now have to find ways…

The rise in divorcing older couples

Silver splitter. This is new terminology to describe divorcing couples who are separating late in life. Personally, I find the term a bit demeaning and ageist. These are not flighty young people who decide to break it up on a whim. This decision will have been taken after many months of heart-searching and possibly years or even decades of unhappiness.

Lawyers call it grey divorce. Another unsettling term. It conjures up a messy blurred edges process, a decision made by unimportant people.

Why can’t we treat older people with the respect they deserve?

So why are there increasing numbers of…

The love of toys

Lying in my bath at the moment are a number of grubby, partially dismembered toys which I retrieved from the dog’s bed recently. I have sewn up the gaping wounds and re-stuffed some, though I have not found that to be essential. Some have lost eyes, ears, legs, tails and now look very different from their original form.

They are waiting to be washed. I daren’t put them in the washing machine in case they leak more stuffing and block the filter. I found out after I bought that particular model of washing machine that the filter was only accessible…

Rafi wakes up to a new day

As the light from her lamp filled the cave, and the dark shadows retreated, Damsa sat down by the table and took off her scarf. Rafi stared at her. She was much younger than he had imagined. He was both captivated and horrified by her face. All down her right cheek was an ugly red scar, tethering the edge of her lip, so when she spoke her mouth moved asymmetrically. She had brown eyes and long dark hair which was tied at the back of her neck with a ribbon. She must have been very pretty once, he thought.


How is Earth today?

You might think that the title of this post is a bit extreme. Surely there are things that we humans do which are not in any way harmful to nature?

I am unconvinced.

Simply by being on earth we have disrupted almost every ecological niche. From the moment man stood up on two legs he interfered with nature.

Are we part of nature? Only if we are ,can we disprove that statement. We might once have been, when our numbers were low and before we started domesticating animals and clearing land for agriculture.

Now we spend our time trying to…

Carol Price

I used to be something else, but now I can hold my head up and say I am a writer. Retired doctor. Passionate about empowering people. Editor of Illumination

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