9 Ways to Feed Your Creative Spark

When you were little, you had a creative spark deep inside you. If you were lucky, your parents and teachers knew how to nourish it and make it grow. Even if that little flame was neglected, don’t worry, it is still there, waiting to be fed and to burst through into your consciousness.

Do you remember the nursery rhymes about Old Mother Hubbard? There was nothing in her cupboard and so her poor dog went without supper. Don’t let your creative spark feel the pangs of hunger! Let’s start filling that cupboard.

Here is a list of ways to stack…

An innovative art exhibition using sound recordings of nature

I recently subscribed to become a member of the British Library. Though actually visiting the library in London has not been possible, there are numerous courses, talks and exhibitions that have been presented on line since the pandemic.

I signed up to listen to a discussion entitled ‘Digital Nature’. One of the speakers was from an artistic collaboration called Invisible Flock. He and his colleagues had collaborated with the British Library to bring together hundreds of sound recordings of nature. The finished program provides the listener with a virtual trip into the British countryside.

The introductions by the recordists remain…

A beginner’s guide

This is written for beginner cavorters. If you have already mastered this skill, there is no need for you to read any further. Depending on the level of interest, I may provide more advanced tuition in the future.

The first principle of cavorting relies on a thorough understanding of having fun. The best plan is to practice playing silly childish games like hide and seek. In fact this is the absolutely most appropriate game, because the element of surprise and the delicious anticipation of being found subtly stimulates that simpering giggly state which is necessary for successful cavorting.

Don’t forget…

If you haven’t yet come across my Novel which is being written in chapters and published as I go along, here are links to the first two chapters.

Out of…

Rafi starts a new phase in his life

Rafi woke with a start. The vehicle had come to a stop and he was hearing voices. He opened his eyes and with surprise saw bright lights moving all around the vehicle and stretching behind and in front. Looking closer he saw that each light was being carried by a person. There was the occasional shout as someone recognized an acquaintance and a low hum of conversation mixed with the soft drumming of feet as the men, women and children trudged by. It wasn’t immediately clear where they were going.

The enforcer…

The truth about priorities

Next year I will turn 70 years old. I didn’t take much notice of the previous 4big birthdays, but this one seems to loom over me ominously.

It might be because at the back of my mind, I think that this could be the last decade that I will see. Suddenly the seasonal changes seem more poignant. Will I only ever see another ten springs? The urgency to grow more in my garden has begun to make me feel anxious. If I don’t plant those fruit trees now, I may never see them bear fruit.


Identity issues

Those who have got to know me here will be aware of my identity as Thewriteyard. This has served me well over months and years but for a variety of reasons may have caused some confusion.

Let me explain.

For most of my working life I was a doctor. In the UK, there are, and were, strict guidelines about maintaining professionalism. When Facebook was first launched, doctors were strongly advised not to divulge their personal identities and if they did engage with social media, to be very careful not to damage their professional image.

It was actually difficult to be…

Carol Price

I used to be something else, but now I can hold my head up and say I am a writer. Retired doctor. Passionate about empowering people. Editor of Illumination

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