That is, if you are an older woman

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Statistically, if you are a woman, you will end your life living alone. I don’t have to find you actual facts and figures to prove this, because it is common knowledge that women tend to live longer than men. There are exceptions of course, and good luck to those men who manage to beat nature’s algorithm.

As a woman, don’t you think you should make some preparations for those last years?

1. First of all, you need to stop relying on the man to do stuff, because when he isn’t there any longer, those tasks won’t get done. Start finding…

9 Ways to Feed Your Creative Spark

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When you were little, you had a creative spark deep inside you. If you were lucky, your parents and teachers knew how to nourish it and make it grow. Even if that little flame was neglected, don’t worry, it is still there, waiting to be fed and to burst through into your consciousness.

Do you remember the nursery rhymes about Old Mother Hubbard? There was nothing in her cupboard and so her poor dog went without supper. Don’t let your creative spark feel the pangs of hunger! Let’s start filling that cupboard.

Here is a list of ways to stack…

Don’t let retirement become banal.

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The year 2020 brought many challenges. For those who have retired, it threw them into an enforced bubble, consigned to spending every day with their partner ( or in some cases alone), reducing the possibilities of seeing anywhere beyond their immediate environment. It was a relationship maker or breaker for couples.

Every day was the same.

The only activity to look forward to was the daily walk ( for those who had the physical ability to manage it).

If we had been given prior warning as to what life was going to be like, I guess we would have approached…

Do you get an overwhelming urge to dance in corridors?

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I might be alone in this feeling. To be honest I have never known anyone who has admitted to similar desires, but perhaps, secretly, there are others who understand the urge to dance in corridors.

Before I reached retirement, I worked in a doctor’s surgery where my office was at the end of a reasonably long corridor. There were glass doors at the far end which were always locked, but provided an escape route in the case of fire or other disaster. Sometimes, on really hot days, we were allowed to open the doors. The corridor was filled with light…

Analyzing highlights and comments is a good starting point.

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Just over a year ago, I first started publishing on Medium. My very first post I published on my home page as I still hadn’t really figured out publications. It was something I had written some time previously.

As things stand, it has done really quite well. 103 views in total and 51 of those were on August 6th, though it was first published on 27th June. I wonder what was so special about that day? It certainly never got curated and I have no idea what drove 51 people to my home page on a random day.

5 people…

My first viral story was the impetus

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A couple of months ago, I wrote a story about how women needed to be pro-active about learning how to do things because one day it is very likely they would find themselves alone. To my surprise, the story quickly gained thousands of views and I realized that there were many women ( and men too, it seems) who were secretly worried about exactly this scenario. Others responded by saying how they wished their mother had been given this advice, and how it would have made life so much easier if she had.

You can read the story here. Be…

Skilful writers use it wisely

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Every writer needs to find a way to dispense solace. It is one of the most valuable and highly appreciated skills of a writer. Think back to a time when you were experiencing trials and tribulations in life and what a wonderful source of comfort a good book gave you. Solace in bucket loads.

What exactly is solace? The word itself is derived from ‘console’ and the simplest explanation is ‘help and comfort when you are feeling sad and worried’.(Cambridge English Dictionary)

Good writers can do this without even being aware of their skill. Others may need to work on…

Cosmic physics is wonderful

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What actually is stardust?

We are led to believe that it is something magical, the stuff of dreams, inspirational bursts of something special. Is there actually such a thing in real life as stardust? Can we actually find some?

There are so many amazing films, songs and captivating stories which draw on the mystical qualities of stardust. It brings to mind a glitzy dazzling stage with smiling happy dancers in silver and gold lame. But that is nothing like the reality of stardust.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, well before we can even imagine, dust from dying stars came together…

And a football

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Matty and Sean were playing football on the grassy patch on the hill. It wasn’t a great space for ballgames because it sloped quite steeply down towards the wall. Behind the wall were the tiny backyards of the terraced houses. Their house was slap bang in the middle, and their mother could see them from the upstairs window.

They knew everyone who lived in the terrace. There was Mary and Pat in the house at one end. They always had homemade biscuits to offer the children. Terry in the next house was a grumpy old man, and the children left…

Garden goodies

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I thought I had invented raspberry and rhubarb crumble, but it seems like I was not the first. It came to me in the night. I hadn’t enough raspberries or rhubarb to make anything substantial with them on their own, so why not combine them! I though I had come up with a really clever idea, but like many of my supposedly clever ideas, somebody got there before me.

You might wonder how I make the crumble topping. The truth is I put together a number of ingredients depending on what I have. Today it featured dairy free spread (…

Carol Price

I used to be something else, but now I can hold my head up and say I am a writer. Retired doctor. Passionate about empowering people. Editor of Illumination

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